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Kata-kata seperti ubat. Bermanfaat ketika sedikit dan membunuh jika berlebihan :D




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Goodbye winter


Thank you for giving my family and I new experience to feel you. You're so cold till make me shivering most of the time. The rains and rainbows on you make it wonderful to call it winter. 8 degree celsius , to cool weren't it ?

Hello Mr Sun , It been ane week long I've never saw you. You getting hotter now but 28 degree celsius was preety enough for me. Sweats makes me feel want to bath in every second.

I've never thought I could see you in winter. The colours on you make everybody love and feel wanna touch it.

You just make the winter goes perfect. I'm glad to have you in Malaysia.

All I have to say is THANK YOU ALLAH for giving me some chance to look out on the wonderful world that He have made. Subhanallah