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Big Smile Please

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Kata-kata seperti ubat. Bermanfaat ketika sedikit dan membunuh jika berlebihan :D




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New Language ;D

Hye readers! (klu ada laa) it's been two weeks long aku tak update blog =_=..adoy,,hancus BI kuh . hee .

but I have to try from now if not mama will membebel ;)
okay maybe from now I'll update my blog in english language plus malay sikit2 ahaha,,and if ada wrong spelling and ayat2 yg ta de dlm dictionary hrp fhm lah ye.

I do this to get better results in English subject mcm HANNAH IZZUREEN BAHARIM,my classmate yg A+ memanjang dlm subject ni.ahaha, hanna jgn kembang ;D.besides that mama will give me an IPOD TOUCH if I get a better results in English...kan mama?haha XD..that all for today,,hope you all will understand..till hand meet the keyboard again. adios amigos ;D