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Big Smile Please

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Kata-kata seperti ubat. Bermanfaat ketika sedikit dan membunuh jika berlebihan :D




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I'm Free


I am glad today after being pressured for almost six year. I can have my blogspot. I can sleep the whole day. I can watch TV round a clock.

The best thing that I miss is to hear mum berleter. Mum dont bother me now. Yahoooooooooooooo.

Adik, lets enjoy and play together. Love to hear when you crying. Bibikkkkkkkkkkkk adik menangis. Bibik will run to adik and console her meanwhile I could watch TV. Opsssss I did it again. he he he..... what else...... usik adik lagi and make her cry. Bibik running around to console adik. ha ha ha.......

I mean my life now.

see you again.

Mum membebel lagi suruh sembahyang.........
againnnnnnn I could hear mum membebel.

Thanks for MGS2 Melaka Teacher for your good effort for 6 years